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The Principles

Statement of Principles


A framework
for a New Colorado Election System


ONE: Open competition - Colorado should have a two-stage election in which every registered voter can vote in each stage for any candidate in their district regardless of their party affiliation, and in which candidates compete against each other regardless of their party membership.

TWO: Fairness - All candidates should be governed by the same rules, regardless of party affiliation or non-affiliation.

THREE: More choices - Voters should be given more choices on the ballot in each stage than is common under the current system.

FOUR: Petitions over caucuses - All candidates should get on the ballot by petition, with signatures gathered in the streets and on-line at a site created and administered by the Secretary of State.

FIVE: Party power – Political parties and significant activist or issue organizations should be able to endorse candidates and have their endorsements reflected on the ballot.

SIX: Party flexibility: Political parties should retain the right to hold caucuses and assemblies whenever they want, and use them in part to decide which candidates to endorse.

SEVEN: Stay positive – Negative campaigning should be discouraged.

EIGHT: Majority rules - A candidate should win at least 50 percent of the votes in order to win the election.

NINE: Maximum  competition - All candidates should compete in districts featuring an electorate as evenly divided as possible between major party members and independents.


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