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A New Election System

As Easy as 1, 2, 3




Abolish primary elections

Voter participation is so low that partisan purists hold sway out of proportion to their numbers, saddling parties with far-from-center candidates who must then “etch-a-sketch” their way back to the center, and giving the rigid ideologues power over incumbents with the threat of being “primaried.” Instead, let all voters vote for any candidate.



First-round voting (firstTuesday in September)

Political parties can place candidates on the ballot by nominating up to two candidates fore every office, and candidates can secure ballot placement by collecting signatures (off-line and online at a site run by the secretary of state), every candidate regardless of how they won ballot placement and regardless of their party competes against every other candidate for that office, any voter can vote for any candidate regardless of the voter’s party registration (if any), and the top three finishers plus any other candidate who gets at least 3 percent of the vote advance.



November general election

Every voter can vote for their first, second and third choices in any contest. If no candidate wins at least 50 percent of the 1st choice votes then the lowest-finishing candidate is eliminated and the second-choice votes of those who voted for the lowest-finishing candidate are distributed among the remaining candidates, a process repeated until either a candidate has more than 50 percent of the vote or there are no more 2nd and 3rd choice votes to be distributed, in which case the candidate with the most votes wins.



            Stronger parties: Able to place candidates on the ballot, freed of the control exerted by partisan purists, freed of the need to have their candidates do the “etch-a-sketch” dance, free to back any candidates they want, using whatever system they want to decide who to nominate, and guaranteed to have their nominations reflected on the ballot.

            Stronger candidates: No more having to appeal to the partisan purists, get to  campaign twice to the full electorate and thereby demonstrate mainstream appeal, and no more campaigning just to their base because unless that base is more than 50 percent that won’t be enough.

            Stronger politicians: No more fear of being “primaried,” greater rewards for bridge-building and problem-solving.

            Stronger country: No more gridlock, much more progress.


“We believe in three”

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