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Major Parties

How major political parties are strengthened

by the

Colorado New Democracy Initiatives


1). Can place up to two candidates on the first-round ballot, preserving their ability to use caucuses, assemblies and conventions as powerful party-building tools.

2). No more party and candidate resources wasted in bitter primary fights; more resources available to attract independent voters.

3). The flexibility and freedom to decide for themselves how to decide which candidates to nominate, including using any system of  mailed-ballots, caucuses, assemblies and conventions they wish.

4). No more allowing the minority of their members who vote in primary elections to decide which candidates in their party appear on the general election ballot.

5). An enhanced ability to get candidates in the inner half of their membership on the general election ballot, thereby vastly improving the ability of their candidates to campaign and win where most votes are: closer to the center.


6). No more having candidates undermined by the “etch-a-sketch” dance (moving to the party’s extreme in the primary, then shifting to the center in the general election campaign).


7). No fear of splitting the vote with multiple candidates from the same party on the general election ballot, because no candidate can win with a plurality and voters can use their 2nd and 3rd choice votes to back a mainstream candidate after using their 1st choice vote for their preferred candidate.


8). An alternative to the “Big Tent” approach they are forced to abide by now that dilutes their message and agenda and forces them to accept in their ranks some people and agendas they wouldn‘t otherwise.


9).  Much more success getting their platforms enacted into law.


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