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Energy Independence Magazine - Colorado: Public-Policy Frack Rumble

May 12, 2014
Colorado: Public-Policy Frack Rumble

A lot is going on surrounding the frack ban rumble these days.  Even Matt Dillon is getting into the fray.  Or is that Matt Damon?  In Colorado, the Democrats are chopping each other down over the issue, both sides won’t come to the center, the Governor is using the word, “draconian” to describe how ballot initiatives work… or don’t work with complex issues, and the public is saddled with confusion over words, numbers and setbacks.  In this case, as the governor points out, we very well could be dealing with The Draconian Reptilian race of extraterrestrials from the Draco star system.  The Colorado Statesman has a good summary of the groups and issues–you can read it here.  How did Colorado get to this place of elitist grid lock and political gamesmanship, leaving the public dazed and confused?
One person trying to lessen the complexity is Ryan Ross.  Mr. Ross wrote an interesting piece in the Denver Post surrounding an election initiative that was recently approved for signature-gathering by Colorado ballot-access regulators.  Mr. Ross writes this is the biggest news in a century for Colorado.

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