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Vitamins and mineral elements are necessary elements of the diet of each human being. They are necessary for the functioning of virtually every system within the chassis. Among different things, they regulate the metabolism, have an effect on the immune system, the secretion system. Up to date ways of feeding children and children leave much to be desired. Lack of correct physical activity, with excessive consumption of fast food, leads to excessive blubber of youngsters and adolescents, furthermore as excessive morbidity related to this example in several diseases of civilization. These are usually diseases typical of adults, such as arterial sclerosis and diabetes. At the same time, doctors warn that with the excess of energy components inflicting fatness of children and adolescents, there's a awfully high shortage of elements necessary for the proper functioning of the organism in an exceedingly state of growth. Most often during a large deficiency there are minerals and vitamins. It's these substances that are most frequently lacking in the daily diet of adolescents. The most important dietary error is intake not only nourishment, but conjointly dishes from highly processed ingredients like white bread and too several dishes made in simple sugars. Not solely are they not made in valuable nutritional values, but specially they cause various disorders of the digestive system. On the plates of youngsters and teenagers, there are seldom currently dishes made in vitamins and valuable parts, it's also value shopping for menopausal formula. Extraordinarily rare in small children is also a large protein deficiency, that at the time of intensive growth is a necessary building material for the tissues of the flesh. Thus, there are frequent pain in the muscles and joints, which are most often related to too fast enlargement of bone tissue and therefore the concurrent lack of nutrients necessary for the correct functioning of this process. The main part that's missing for children and adolescents is macromolecule. It happens not solely in meat however also in plant foods such as legumes (soybeans, beans). It's also necessary to consume a large amount of merchandise made in essential vitamins and other elements.

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