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    DENVER, Colorado – The Initiative for a groundbreaking new election system approved by ballot-access regulators in Colorado has been “endorsed” by President Obama and former President George Bush, according to a video posted on the campaign’s just-launched crowd-funding web site.

“I don’t care if you’re a democrat, a republican or a Martian, these Colorado Initiatives are the way to go,” ‘Obama’ says in the video.

“Fairness in politics and elections isn’t hard, folks.,” ‘Bush’ says. “It’s not rocket science. It just means recognizing that the problem isn’t with who we elect it’s with how we elect them. A new election system  means giving every candidate a fair shot, whether they’re from a major political party, a minor party or no freakin’ party at all.”

The Initiative has been called “groundbreaking” by the Center for Voting and Democracy.

It  would result in the election of far more problem-solving candidates by abolishing taxpayer funded primary elections and replacing them with a two-stage election system in which every voter could vote for any  candidate on the ballot in their district, regardless of their or the candidate’s party affiliation.

The video featuring “Bush” and “Obama” is at the campaign’s web site at the crowd-funding web site at rally.org:


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