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DENVER, Colorado – The organization that won approval from ballot-access regulators in Colorado earlier this year to circulate petitions for a new election system said Monday that it will not be submitting petitions for the 2014 ballot, and is shifting its focus to 2015.

“We started too late, and we didn’t raise enough money or sign up enough volunteers to be able to collect the necessary signatures by the Aug. 4 deadline,” said Ryan Ross, director of the Coalition for New Election System. “But we recognize that a change of this magnitude takes time, and we will be back next year to try again to end the stagnation and gridlock that makes a mockery of our state and federal legislative branches of government.”

Ross said that as a result of the Coalition’s 2014 campaign it identified several prominent n Coloradans who privately back a new election system. It will therefore name a task force to draft a proposal for a new election system for the 2015 ballot.

 “Given the problems our governments face, we know we need a solution as soon as possible,” Ross said. “But we’re prepared to take the long view on this. Building widespread support for a truly new election system will take time. Our approach will remain rigorously bi and non-partisan. That means we’re trying to carve out a way forward along a path with few built-in political resources. But the only way forward for us is the right way.”

Announcements about the task force will be available on the Coalition’s web site at changepoliticsnow.org

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