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COALITION LAUNCHES  ‘Change. Politics. Now.’



DENVER, Colorado – Coalition for a New Colorado Election System Director Ryan Ross and Denver media veteran Mark McIntosh launched a campaign to allow Coloradans to adopt a new election system in 2014.


Ross, emphasizing that, “the new initiatives will NOT require tax increases, WILL increase voter turnout by giving voters better candidates and more choices”, also cited that “we propose to abolish taxpayer-funded Primary Elections, and in their place adopt a two-stage election system where during both stages, every voter can vote for any candidate on the ballot in their districts regardless of party affiliation.”


Mark McIntosh, Ambassador for the Coalition, claimed; “The status quo has got to go!”  Mark also added, “This is where it gets good, at least for me…each voter, you and me, gets to select three choices in EVERY contest, and then rank them in order of preference. Everywhere you go in our community, people talk about their frustration with the current system, this new election system changes that.”


The Coalition’s package of three Initiatives was approved earlier this month by Colorado regulators for petition-circulation for placement on the 2014 general election ballot in November.


More information: Media Relations Director Kim Ketchel, 303-523-0937 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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