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POLL: Coloradans Overwhelmingly Support New Election System


  DENVER, Colorado – Coloradans are fed-up with politicians and government and by an overwhelming margin support adopting  a new election system making it easier to elect candidates who believe in compromise and working together, a new poll shows.


The poll – commissioned by the Coalition aiming to place on the fall ballot a proposal for a new election system – shows that Coloradans support  61-17 percent -  better than a three-to-one -  a new election system that reduced political polarization, and helped centrist, problem-solving candidates willing and able to compromise.  The support cuts across party lines, with a majority of Democrats and Republicans in favor, in addition to independents. 


 “These results make it clear Coloradans are ready for fundamental changes in the state’s election system, and that they would embrace precisely what we are proposing,” said Ryan Ross, director of the Coalition that has  won approval from ballot regulators to start collecting signatures on a proposal for the fall ballot.


 The telephone poll of nearly 600 Coloradans was conducted last month by Public Policy Polling of Raleigh, North California, the same firm that accurately predicted the outcome of the gun recall elections last year when almost every other pollster failed to do so.


Among the results:

  • 77 percent are either “embarrassed” or “critical” of politicians and government in DC and Denver, compared to just 9 percent who are “enthusiastic” or “favorable.”
  • By a 53-to-36 percent margin they either “strongly “ or “somewhat “ agree that the election system should be changed so that it’s easier to elect candidates who believe in compromise, even if that means electing fewer candidates with strong political views.
  • By a 62-to-29 percent margin, what major party leaders say about a proposal for a new election system either wouldn’t make a difference or would prompt voters to be even more likely to favor a system the party leaders oppose.


Click here to view the Colorado Poll Results



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